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      Spray Dryer
      Spray Dryer

      Product Name: Spray Dryer

      Purpose: Quick drying speed. Superficial area of material liquid is greatly enlarged after centrifugal spray. In high temperature airflow, 95-98% water content could be evaporated instantly to finish the drying process in few seconds.

      Heat sensitive material is applicable. Liquid droplet and sirocco flow together in same direction. Due to this, although the temperature of sirocco is relatively high, material will not become too hot during evaporation. Temperature distribution in drying column is as following drawing:

      Widely used. Applicable for numbers of material with large characteristic difference, such as resin of polymer; herbicide weed killer, vermifuge; carbohydrate; dairy etc.

      This product could maintain fine grain with excellent dispersity, fluidity and dissolution ability due to instant drying.

      Features: Simple production process and convenient operation and control are the features of this equipment. Solvent with moisture of 40-60&#65285;(90% for special material) could be dried into powder products at one time and render crushing and screening unnecessary. It reduces production procedures, also is convenient to change operation condition to adjust, control or manage the production.

      Main Technique Parameter&#65306;


      Item\Model QZR
      5 25 50 100 150 200
      Inlet Temperature(&#8451;) &#8804;350
      Outlet Temperature(&#8451;) &#65308;80&#65374;90
      Water content maximum evaporation amount(Kg) 5 25 50 100 150 200&#65374;2000
      Centrifugal Spray Head
      Driving style
      Compressed air movement Mechanical movement
      Rotation Speed(r.p.m) 25000 22000 21500 18000 18000 15000
      Spray Disc Diameter(mm) 50 102 108 108 150 180&#65374;340
      Heat Source



      electric&#65291;steam electric&#65291;steam electric&#65291;steam decided by user
      Max power of 
      Electrical heating(Kw)
      8 31.5 60 81 99


      Outline Dimension(m) 1.8?.93
      Dried Powder Recycle &#8805;95 &#8805;95 &#8805;95 &#8805;95 &#8805;95 &#8805;95

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