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    2. Coil Vacuum Concentration Pot

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      Coil Vacuum Concentration Pot
      Coil Vacuum Concentration Pot

      Product Name: Coil Vacuum Concentration Pot

      Purpose: This widely used and high concentration efficiency equipment is applied to heat sensitive material concentration (such as Chinese & Western Medicine, diary etc.).

      Features: This equipment is a columnar tank with insulation jacket. The upper and lower part of equipment are connected with flange for the purpose of repair, installation and lifting. Internal heating coil is composed by three to five rows oblate stainless steel rings. Steam is to be heated in coil. Manhole and lamp opening are equipped with recycle condenser at upper part of evaporator to recycle alcohol (organic dissolvent).

      Main Technique Parameter:

      Type PRB-300 PRB-700 PRB-1000
      Evaporation Capacity(Kg/h) 300 700 1000
      Heating Coil Pressure(MPa) 0.02-0.05
      Used Vacuum Degree(MPa) 0.08
      Heating Area(m2) 3.7 8 11
      Steam Consumption(Kg/h) 330 770 1100
      Water Consumption(t/h) 12 20 30

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