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    2. Chinese Herb Slag Squeezer

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      Chinese Herb Slag Squeezer
      Chinese Herb Slag Squeezer

      Product Name: Chinese Herb Slag Squeezer

      Purpose: The squeezer is used to squeeze all kinds of herbage or wooden plant slag to get the juice, recycle dissolvant and steep containing effective component, in order to increase lixiviate ratio, improve production and enhance profits.

      Features: This squeezer applied to all Chinese medicine manufacturing plant, research institute, health care product factory, and food, beverage, cosmetic, wine processing industry.

      Construction and Features:
      The squeezer composed by support, barrel body, material inlet, squeezing worm shaft, coned pipe slag outlet, liquid drainage pipe and driving unit. Fill in the material from inlet on a controlled basis. Through worm shaft squeezing, solid organization of material compressed to get the juice.

      Main Technique Parameter:


      Para\Model J-200 J-300 J-400 J-500
      Capacity(m3/h) 1~1.5 2 3 4
      Juicing ratio 80% 80% 80% 80%
      Revolution of Main Shaft (r/min) 10 10 10 10
      Motor Power(Kw) 3 5 6 8
      Outline Dimension(m)(L*M*H) 1300×350×800 1800×480×1000 2100×600×1150 2500×800×1300
      Squeezer Weight(Kg) 250 320 400 500

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